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01 September 2010 @ 10:48 pm
Utterly Dysfunctional - 100 Shego/Drakken ficlets (50/100)  
Yay! My very first fic post to my new community! :D

These are for ficlets100, for the fandom Kim Possible and the pairing Drakken/Shego. The first forty ficlets are posted at my personal journal. To access those, click the link below, or click here.

My ficlet prompt table is HERE.

Title: Convert
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #060, Convert
Word Count: 100
Rating: G 

“I’m not going to like it.” Shego said for the fiftieth time.

“Oh, come on! You haven’t even seen five minutes of it yet!” Drakken protested.

“Just play the damn thing, and then we’ll see.”

“Yes, we will.” Drakken grumbled, hitting play on the DVD player.

Roughly an hour later, the credits rolled on the screen. Drakken turned to Shego. “Well?”

“Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Drakken’s shoulders drooped, and he got up to turn off the DVD player. Her voice stopped him, “Hey, I didn’t say stop.” He grinned, and the opening credits started up.

“Space. The final frontier.”

Notes: If you’ve ever, ever seen even one episode of the show I’m referencing, you’d know what it is by the last sentence. If not, it’s Star Trek. Or rather, “Space Passage” in the KP universe. :P



Title: Define
Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #030, Define
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

People never really understood their relationship. They figured either Drakken was in some sort of mid-life crisis, or that Shego was having some sort of bizarre case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Neither of them was bothered by this however; Shego had never cared what people thought of her, and Drakken had long ago stopped caring. They bickered, Shego overused her skills in sarcasm far too much, and Drakken acted as though his age was divisible by four most of the time.

But despite this, they never felt the need to define their relationship. They trusted each other, and that was enough.




Title: Hold
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #020, Hold
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

Shego had never been used to intimacy; generally because she had avoided it for most of her adult life. This had been easy to avoid because she had never been in a long-term relationship.

But now that she was in a relationship, intimacy was suddenly thrust in her unprepared face. Some of it made her feel awkward, anxious and out of her element. She liked her personal space.

However, as she began to get used to Drakken and his touchy-feely ways, she started not minding being held by him, or hugged unexpectedly.

She was becoming rather fond of it, surprisingly.  



Title: Bravery
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #081, Bravery
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

One of the things (albeit very few) things Shego found that she admired about Drakken was the odd amount of bravery he possessed. You certainly had to have a lot of spunk to attempt taking over the world, especially multiple times. 

One day, Shego commented on it and Drakken had given her a blank glance. “…I wouldn’t call it bravery. I generally don’t think about it. I just jump into things.” With that, he turned his attention away from her.

Shego’s head hit the table with a dull thunk, growling under her breath.

It wasn’t bravery. It was blind idiocy.



Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #026, Coffee
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

Sometimes when Drakken was completely immersed in his blueprints for his newest world domination plan would ask Shego to get him coffee.  

She would do it, however grudgingly, while gripping about it, ‘It’s bad enough being your sidekick; I’m not your damn secretary!” He liked two creamers and three sugars in it, and she would always, always make it wrong. He suspected that she did it on purpose to irritate him, for she had an excellent memory.  

Then, one day, she made his coffee completely correctly.

It was then that he began to question whether she had feelings for him.


Title: Daze
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #017, Daze
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG

As soon as she pulled away, his eyes glazed over.  

Shego had kissed him. His snarky, ninja-like, young, beautiful sidekick had kissed him.

Apparently, he’d been staring into space too long because she shifted uneasily and snapped, “Well? Say something!” She flipped her hair over her shoulder, placed one hand on her hip and studied the nails of the other, seemingly unaffected and even a little bored.

“I…” He couldn’t find his voice.

“Whatever.” She scoffed, turning away from him. He grabbed her wrist, pulling her flush against him, lips pressed against hers. 

This time, she looked a little dazed.


Title: Outside
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #033, Outside
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

“What were you thinking?” Shego scoffed. “We are not outdoorsy people!”

“Well, we spent plenty of time in the jungle when we were in-between lairs…” Drakken attempted lamely but Shego cut him off.  

“That was out of necessity stupid, not out of want!”

Drakken looked around at his surroundings; the crappy, misshapen tent with water leaking in from the pouring rain. He shivered in the cold, damp air, saying feebly, “Well, we could cuddle…”

Shego glowered at him darkly, before turning her back on him and burrowing down in her sleeping bag.

Far, far away from him.


Shut up.”

Title: Save Us All
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #061, Save Us All
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

Shego had never, ever thought that her blue, geeky, world-domination failure of a boss would one day save the world.  

Even after the alien invasion was over and they were back in the lair, essentially trying to figure out what to do next, she still couldn’t quite grasp the situation. “Well, suddenly your MO has changed, huh, superhero?”  

“Shut up!” He sounded mortified.  

“You’re a regular Macgyver, aren’t ya?” 

Pop! Big, yellow flower pedals appeared around his neck and his face reddened even further. “Go away!” He hissed, swatting at them half-heartedly.  

Shego snorted. Oh, it was just so easy.

Title: Abandon
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #091, Abandon
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Notes: Takes place during “Mad Dogs and Aliens”.

The fact that Drakken had replaced her with a huge, ugly thing from outer-space had certainly angered her. Getting thrown through the door had certainly added fuel to her fire. And, deep down, it had hurt her a little.  

But this feeling… she couldn’t quite place it.  It was both emotions plus disappointment rolled into one. It was heavy, almost painful. 

Suddenly it hit her. She felt abandoned. What was she, a toddler? Pathetic.  

She smirked as an idea struck her.  

Let’s see how he liked her going all double-agent on him.  

It would be the worst sort of betrayal.

Title: Jealousy
Fandom: Kim Possible
Character/s: Drakken/Shego
Prompt: #085, Jealousy
Word Count: 100
Rating: G

Shego had gone out on a date with another ignorant buffoon tonight.  

Drakken had tried to work on his new world domination plans but was having trouble concentrating. After staring blankly at the paper for several minutes, he threw down his pencil with a growl. 

He didn’t understand why she went out with those idiots. She needed to go out with someone smart, someone who could match her wit and challenge her, someone…

And who, exactly, are you talking about? His mind whispered.

He shoved the voice into the back of his mind.

Shego was just his employee. Nothing more. 


Alrighty, that's it for these ten. I haven't abandoned these, guys, I swear. I've just been super busy this year with university and such. I'm going to try and write more this term though. I will never abandon a fic. I just might not update for a while. Clearly, lol. ;-)

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I love these, so sweet! XD keep up the good work and good luck with uni!

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